Internacionales 12 NOV

We are pleased to announce the international artists that will perform Online for Acéfalo Festival 2021.
The performances will be premiered via streaming on November 12th at
Our artist in residence, Elliot Sharp will be performing Live in Chile on November 13th.
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Anastasia Clarke

(b. 1987) is a composer, performer, technologist,
sound designer, and archivist. Anastasia’s live embodied electronic
music performances consider the artist’s role as a healer and activist
while using custom-built instruments or performing systems to arrange
narrative material modularly. Performances have taken place in
galleries, concert halls, DIY venues, and unsuspecting community
spaces across the United States. Collaborations have included Boom Bat
Gesture Performance Group, Mechanism Dance Theatre Collective,
2019–2020’s Uncommon Circuits ensemble, and a wide range of
improvising instrumentalists in the New York City and San Francisco
Bay Area. Clarke also speaks and presents, most recently at Expo ’74,
NIME, The School for Poetic Computation, and as a visiting lecturer.
In 2018 Anastasia earned an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording
Media from Mills College, and has subsequently received support for
work and research from the Queens Arts Fund, EMS (Stockholm),
Tri-tryagain, CCRMA, and a 2020 Van Lier Fellowship at Roulette.

Lori Goldston

( Seattle, EEUU )

Classically trained and rigorously de-trained, possessor of a restless, semi-feral spirit, Lori Goldston is a cellist, composer, improvisor, producer, writer and teacher from  Seattle. Her voice as a cellist, amplified or acoustic, is full, textured, committed and original. A relentless inquirer, her work drifts freely across borders that separate genre, discipline, time and geography.
Current and former collaborators and/or bosses include Earth, Nirvana, Mirah, Jessika Kenney, Ilan Volkov, Eyvind Kang, Stuart Dempster, David Byrne, Terry Riley, Jherek Bischoff, Malcom Goldstein, Steve Von Till, Lonnie Holley, Cat Power, Ellen Fullman, Maya Dunietz, Mik Quantius, Embryo, O Paon, Tara Jane O’Neil, Natacha Atlas, Broken Water, Ed Pias, Christian Rizzo and Sophie Laly, Threnody Ensemble, Cynthia Hopkins, 33 Fainting Spells, Vanessa Renwick, Mark Mitchell, Lynn Shelton, and many more.
Her work has been commissioned by and/or performed at the Kennedy Center, Sydney Festival, Cineteca Nacional de México, Tectonics Festival, Frye Art Museum, Time Based Art Festival (TBA), WNYC, The New Foundation, Paris Fashion Week, Northwest Film Forum, On the Boards, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle Jewish Film Festival, Bumbershoot, Crossing Border Festival, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, Joe’s Pub, the Stone, University of Chicago, and venues large and small throughout North America, Mexico, Australia, and Europe. 

Web oficial:

Lori Goldston, cello
Greg Kelley, trumpet
Austin Larkin, violin

September 2021

Performed at the Urban Meadow, Brooklyn, New York as part of the Soup & 
Sound Around Brooklyn 2021 series.

videography by Andrew Drury

Thank You to the Urban Meadow, Michael Golub, Richard Morin
Soup & Sound Around Brooklyn 2021, is a program of Continuum Culture &
Arts, Inc., a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.
Soup & Sound Around Brooklyn 2021 is made possible by public funds from
the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City
Department of Cultural Affairs, the Statewide Community Regrants
Program, as well as from a re-grant program of the New York State
Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor and the New York
State Legislature, both administered by Brooklyn Arts Council.
Soup & Sound Around Brooklyn 2021 is made possible by public funds from 
the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City 
Department of Cultural Affairs, the Statewide Community Regrants 
Program, as well as from a re-grant program of the New York State 
Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor and the New York 
State Legislature, both administered by Brooklyn Arts Council.


1988, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, music producer and artist interested in new media; develops research on sound art and technology, audiovisual projects, performances, art installations, workshops, field recording and compositions exploring the relationship between physical and magical aspects of matter, sound and light. bella has been seeking, from the initiative and formation of non-normative groups and collectivities, to decentralize logics of authority and power and to find new logics. Co-created (2015) meteoro, a project with women and non-binary people, and has been collaborating horizontally with several artists. The artist is currently finishing a Master Degree on Creative Processes in Music at Universidade São Paulo.

foto: Wendell Wagners
foto: © Cristina Marx / Photomusix 

Bricolage III is an audio-visual work created as part of a quarterly music series co-curated by experimental musicians Magda Mayas and Dave Rempis, supported by the Goethe Institut Chicago. It partners artists from the creative capitals of Berlin and Chicago to explore collaborative work in the Covid era. 

Tomeka Reid 

Cellist and composer Tomeka Reid has emerged as one of the most original, versatile, and curious musicians in Chicago’s bustling jazz and improvised music community over the last decade. Her distinctive melodic sensibility, always rooted in a strong sense of groove, has been featured in many distinguished ensembles over the years. Reid has been a key member of ensembles led by legendary reedists like Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell, as well as a younger generation of visionaries including flutist Nicole Mitchell, vocalist Dee Alexander, and drummer Mike Reed. She co-leads the adventurous string trio HEAR IN NOW and in 2013 launched the first Chicago Jazz String Summit, an international festival of cutting edge string players held in Chicago. A 2021 USA Fellow, Reid has received awards from the Foundation of the Arts 3Arts and received her doctorate in music from the University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign in 2017. In the Fall of 2019 Tomeka Reid received a teaching appointment at Mills College as the Darius Milhaud chair in composition.

Biliana Voutchkova

Biliana Voutchkova is a dynamic and thoroughly engaged interdisciplinary artist, violinist, performer, composer, improviser and curator with a truly personal musical language. Her work spans the widest possible range of music, sound and movement and her interests lead into various multi disciplinary collaborations. Based between Berlin and her rural residency on the black sea coast of Bulgaria, she works as a soloist and with renowned ensembles such as United Berlin, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, the Splitter Orchestra, Ensemble Modern, Jane in Ether, Voutchkova/Thieke duo etc. Biliana is the founder and curator of the DARA String Festival and a recipient of many awards and honors, including the Composition Stipend from the Berliner Senate, grants from INM/Berlin, Musikfonds, National Culture Fund/Bulgaria and the Trust for Mutual Understanding/New York. Most recently she is engaging with the presentation of long durational formats, audio-visual work, concert-installations and exhibitions.

foto: Joseph Mauro

Bob Bellerue is a sound artist, experimental musician, sound/video curator, and creative technician based in Ridgewood NY. Over the last 30+ years he has been involved in creating and presenting a wide range of sonic activities – experimental music, sound art, noise, junk metal percussion ensembles, soundtracks for dance/ theater/ video/ performance art, and sound / video installations. Bob’s electronic sound work is focused on resonant feedback systems, using amplified instruments, objects, recordings, and spaces, in combination with electronics and software written in the Supercollider audio synthesis programming language.
Bob works as an audio engineer and technical director, working presently for Issue Project Room, and a handful of clients in the NYC area once the coast is clear.

«Radioactive Desire» is made possible, in part, with funds from MAAF, a regrant partnership of NYSCA Electronic Media/Film and Wave Farm, with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.


For the Acéfalo Festival 2021, I am happy to provide a premiere of a music video by Fallon Dunham of «The Longest Year» from the album «Radioactive Desire»   

Recorded on the hottest days in the longest year, «Radioactive Desire» is a work for free chamber music in feedback environments. Simple improvisational structures gave focus to the exquisite playing of the musicians, and the performers were physically located within speakers of varying sizes to create multidimensional feedback systems.

It is a project borne of feedback between speakers and instruments, but the context in which it came to fruition demonstrated the deep interconnections between people and systems of collaboration. The project was a way to activate musical signals with the push and pull of chthonic energy, yet we felt and lived that in the improvisation of our lives to a more visceral extent than we may have ever thought possible. Working with these sounds, processes, and ideas provided substance and process for me to work through these difficult times.

I am indebted with gratitude to the relaxed and precise skills of the musicians who took on this project, a group of deep shredders in the avant-garde improvised extended cosmic free music worlds. They were able to roll with the handwritten notes that provided the scant written music, and create new forms of music in real time.

My deepest appreciation to Jessica, Brandon, Luke, Gabby, Ed, Matthew, Jackson, the Unitarian staff, Wave Farm, NYSCA, and Colin / Elevator Bath

Ridgewood NY
April 2021


is a composer, musician and multimedia artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently based in New York. She works across the media of performance, sound, installation and the creation of sound devices and systems. Her work has been performed and exhibited at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (AR), Center for Contemporary Arts (Vilnius, Lithuania), Roulette Intermedium, Issue Project Room, Ostrava Days Festival 2011 (Ostrava, Czech Republic), MATA Festival 2012, Experimental Intermedia, Fridman Gallery (NY), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo, Norway) and the XIV Cuenca Biennial, among others. She was a Civitella Ranieri fellow in 2015 and has participated in various international residency programs.In 2019, Lopez curated the intermedia festival Folly Systems coproduced by Roulette Intermedium and Outpost Artists Resources that featured 11 international artists. Collaborators include Carmen Baliero, Aki Onda, Brandon Lopez, John Driscoll, Carrie Schneider, Joe Moffett and Lars Laumann among others.


approaches his work with a keen interest in unconventional sounds and forms, collective improvisation, and the intersection of action and stillness. He is a co-founder of ambient improv trio Earth Tongues with Carlo Costa and Dan Peck and collaborates regularly with artists such as Henry Fraser, Cecilia Lopez, Sam Weinberg, Tania Chen and Zach Rowden, in addition to performing frequently as a solo artist. He has also performed compositions by Cecilia Lopez (Machinic Fantasies, Dos (tres)), Carlo Costa (Strata), Frantz Loriot (Echo from the Frantz Loriot Systematic Distortion Orchestra) and Yoshi Wada (Earth Horns with Electric Drone). His recorded material appears on Neither/Nor, Underwolf, Eh?, NotTwo, Tubapede and Prom Night Records.

César & Juliano

fue formado en 2016 en São Paulo por Juliano Gentile y César Martini. El dúo tuvo como punto de partida la improvisación libre, inicialmente con saxo barítono y guitarra, y luego asumiendo formaciones más acústicas con guitarra acústica y viola en sus presentaciones. César & Juliano también trabaja con composiciones visuales y collages. Por invitación de Brava, han estado desarrollando la serie LATÊNCIA desde mayo de 2021, lanzando episodios esporádicos en la página del sello.

Selo Brava:  
Instagram: @duocesarejuliano


( Oakland,California, EEUU )

“Marshall Trammell/Music Research Strategies «Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement» (for solo percussion and sound installation) San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum, Yud Gallery [shot with Iphone by artists] 19:31 November 2. 2021

Marshall Trammell is an experimental percussionist, composer, conductor, electro-acoustic sound designer, archivist and self-styled Music Research Strategist based in Oakland, CA, USA. His solo «performing political education» projects include Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement, Insurgent Learning Workshops, Warrior Ethos/Warrior Ecologies. He is a member of In Defense of Memory (featuring Laura Ortman & Carlos Santistevan), White People Killed Them (featuring Raven Chacon & John Dietrich), and collaborations with Aaron Turner, Tashi Dorji, Robert Magill, Trammell holds concurrent residencies at Pro Arts COMMONS, San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum, Prelinger Library and Borealis Festival (Norway). In Norway, Trammell will debut «The Moon Is Down,»  visual score and gestural compositions developed through a number of public, participatory research interventions and collaborations with local artists, musicians and cultural institutions. Trammell is known for band projects such as Black Spirituals, Mutual Aid Project and Black Fighting Formations and for his development of interculturally-situated design tools. His work is supported by Borealis Festival, Foundation for Contemporary Arts and Pro Arts COMMONS.

foto: Agatha_Urbaniak

Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement(ENLA – for solo drums and ‘Indexical Moment/um’ sound installation) through the Acéfalo Festival but performed in the Yud Gallery at the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum’s Experience Leonard Cohen Exhibition, where I have an installation of processed sound circumnavigating the internal architecture in the shapes of the Underground Railroad quilt block patterns running until February 12, 2022. 
ENLA for Acéfalo is an amalgamation of ideas investigated in Music Research Strategies’ Black Amnesia and Indigenous Justice series: 1) When imagining a drummerly Ebonics (Black English) musical text, I reimagine the 1996 Oakland debates as an interculturally-situated multicultural intervention by advocates insisting on local, Native language preservation and land acknowledgement practices. Then I reflected on the many ways in which Native and Black/African/Caribbean have been thwarted, missed opportunities and/or have made lasting accompliceship; and, 
2) ENLA for Acéfalo is one of an ongoing series of land acknowledgement performances interpreting «a new conceptual score conceived collaboratively by Navajo Nation composer Raven Chacon and Carcross/Tagish curator and writer Candice Hopkins. Published in three parts — or ‘Dispatches’ as the artists declare — the work draws from Chacon and Hopkins’ reflections on the fight for cultural preservation and defence of Indigenous sovereignty at the Standing Rock Reservation Water Protector encampment in 2016.» The performing research experiment showcases antidisciplinarity (not of any one discipline yet evidencing discipline) as a practical philosophy and community accountability framework for interculturally-situated design tools, or simultaneously multidimensional and cultural research methodologies, to achieve one or many goals.
The experience of preparing, performing and sharing this work fills me with the warmth of inclusion while encouraging me to continue Music Research Strategies beyond the limits of the bandstand. 



«how can we compose without destroying more than we are able to evoke?
how can we improvise without just repeating the same patterns (while feeling ‘so free’)?»

the composer, sound-artist, cello player and improvisor understands his work as fundamental research, leading to a wide range of contradictory outcome, spanning from cello-solo and tape-pieces to compositions for ensembles, improvisation scores or performances with electronic or hybrid instruments, from sound-installations to videos and imaginary music.
consequently ignoring the border between soundart and music, his main interests are the research on space and his lifetime occupation with the cello.



Breve bio.

Desenvolve projetos em artes sonoras, visuais e educação com foco em música livre, pintura e processos composicionais contemporâneos.

Dedica-se a prática/pesquisa de improvisação livre, colaborando com diversos artistas brasileiros e estrangeiros no contexto de performance, workshops e gravações.

Sobre o projeto.

Para o acéfalo Rafael Cab apresentará o projeto «música sem imagem», tomando a improvisação-livre como entrada e sentido para um fazer musical como acontecimento impessoal e pré-individual.


Desarrolla proyectos en artes sonoras, visuales y educativas con foco en música libre, pintura y procesos compositivos contemporáneos. Se dedica a la práctica / investigación de la improvisación libre, colaborando con varios artistas brasileños y extranjeros en el contexto de performance, talleres y grabaciones.

Sobre el proyecto.

Para el Acéfalo Festival, Rafael Cab presentará el proyecto «música sin imagen», tomando la improvisación-libre como insumo y sentido a la creación musical como un acontecimiento impersonal y pre-individual.

foto por deseconhecido

suzueri (Elico Suzuki) 

suzueri is tokyo based sound artist and improviser. Also known as Elico Suzuki. She plays circuitous and restless performances using pianos and founding objects combined with self-made instruments. Her recent interests have centred on the exploration of the gaps and narrative aspects between the interaction of instruments and particular embodiment. She is the founder of the edible circuit makers, BreadBoard Baking


specializes in creating music with elements of both primitivism and realism by connecting his own aspirations, in a minimal and straightforward way, to the special instrumental qualities of the guitar. Besides his solo work, ranging in style from fingerpicking and slide acoustic guitar atonalism to noisy experimental drone to never-ending boogie, Akiyama has recorded many albums in collaboration with artists like Jozef Van Wissem, Phantom Limb, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Ng and Alan Licht, to name just a few.