Anastasia Clarke


(foto: Dan Joseph)

Anastasia Clarke (b. 1987) is a composer, performer, technologist,
sound designer, and archivist. Anastasia’s live embodied electronic
music performances consider the artist’s role as a healer and activist
while using custom-built instruments or performing systems to arrange
narrative material modularly. Performances have taken place in
galleries, concert halls, DIY venues, and unsuspecting community
spaces across the United States. Collaborations have included Boom Bat
Gesture Performance Group, Mechanism Dance Theatre Collective,
2019–2020’s Uncommon Circuits ensemble, and a wide range of
improvising instrumentalists in the New York City and San Francisco
Bay Area. Clarke also speaks and presents, most recently at Expo ’74,
NIME, The School for Poetic Computation, and as a visiting lecturer.
In 2018 Anastasia earned an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording
Media from Mills College, and has subsequently received support for
work and research from the Queens Arts Fund, EMS (Stockholm),
Tri-tryagain, CCRMA, and a 2020 Van Lier Fellowship at Roulette.

ph: Jonburklund