12NOV / Streaming

( Oakland,California, EEUU )

“Marshall Trammell/Music Research Strategies “Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement” (for solo percussion and sound installation) San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum, Yud Gallery [shot with Iphone by artists] 19:31 November 2. 2021

Marshall Trammell is an experimental percussionist, composer, conductor, electro-acoustic sound designer, archivist and self-styled Music Research Strategist based in Oakland, CA, USA. His solo “performing political education” projects include Ebonics Native Land Acknowledgement, Insurgent Learning Workshops, Warrior Ethos/Warrior Ecologies. He is a member of In Defense of Memory (featuring Laura Ortman & Carlos Santistevan), White People Killed Them (featuring Raven Chacon & John Dietrich), and collaborations with Aaron Turner, Tashi Dorji, Robert Magill, Trammell holds concurrent residencies at Pro Arts COMMONS, San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum, Prelinger Library and Borealis Festival (Norway). In Norway, Trammell will debut “The Moon Is Down,”  visual score and gestural compositions developed through a number of public, participatory research interventions and collaborations with local artists, musicians and cultural institutions. Trammell is known for band projects such as Black Spirituals, Mutual Aid Project and Black Fighting Formations and for his development of interculturally-situated design tools. His work is supported by Borealis Festival, Foundation for Contemporary Arts and Pro Arts COMMONS.